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Gym Rental Company's Life Fitness inventory offers a full range of cardio equipment designed to facilitate cardiovascular health and endurance training. Our treadmills feature dual shock absorption for a more comfortable workout, adaptive motors for a natural stride feel, and customisable programmes to match any fitness goal. Our ellipticals, step mills and arc trainers provide low-impact cardio options with customisable resistance and incline to challenge users of any fitness level.


Gym Rental Company's Life Fitness commercial treadmills are designed to deliver shock absorption, drive train durability and smooth, natural transitions between speeds. Our dual shock absorption system reduces the impact on joints by up to 40%. Life Fitness treadmills feature up to 20% incline, speeds up to 22 mph and a variety of customisable workout programmes for cardio conditioning and weight loss. The touchscreen consoles provide intuitive control and entertainment options to keep users engaged.


Gym Rental Company's Life Fitness bike line-up includes both recumbent and upright exercise bikes designed for low-impact cardio. Our upright bikes allow for an upright riding position while delivering a natural balance of upper and lower body workout. The recumbent bikes are ideal for low-impact cardio with ergonomic designs that reduce stress on joints. All Life Fitness exercise bikes feature magnetic resistance for smooth transitions, Bluetooth connectivity and a variety of pre-set workout programmes.


Gym Rental Company's Life Fitness elliptical machines provide a low impact, total body workout that is easy on the joints. They feature padded decks with extra-long strides that simulate climbing and circling motions. The elliptical paths are cushioned and slightly inclined to replicate the effects of walking or running on an incline.

The ellipticals offer a variety of upper body workout options to engage more muscles, including arm handles with various resistance levels and embedded media shelves. Users can choose programmes that combine lower and upper body workouts for a full training session in one machine. Advanced monitoring systems track workout data and metrics to keep users engaged. Extensive adjustability of the stride length, deck incline and resistance allow users to customise workouts to suit their fitness levels. The machines also feature padded, ergonomic handgrips and seats for long term comfort.

A wide range of connectivity options including Bluetooth and audio input jacks enable users to enjoy their favorite music or videos while working out. The elliptical decks are engineered from durable, commercial grade materials to withstand heavy use in gym environments. Precision manufacturing and assembly ensure smooth, consistent strides with minimal noise even at faster speeds.

rowing machines

Gym Rental Company's Life Fitness rowing machines feature mechanically linked designs that replicate the natural motions of on-water rowing. The slide assemblies roll smoothly on low friction bearings to minimise noise. Textured footrests and large rowing handles provide a secure and comfortable feel. Extensive adjustability of the seats and handles accommodate different body types. Resistance levels can be precisely calibrated to suit varying fitness levels. Advanced monitors track workout metrics and programmes allow customisation of training sessions.

strength training

Gym Rental Company's Life Fitness catalogue strength machines guide users through effective and efficient weight workouts with minimal stress on joints. Our sectorised strength lines allow users to adjust resistance in 1.8 kg increments for precise workouts. We also offer popular cable motion products like cable crossovers and functional trainers to facilitate multi-joint and dynamic strengthening exercises.


strength training
Gym Rental Company offers a comprehensive range of free weight plates to suit any gym or training facility. Our Life Fitness weight plates are made from rubber or urethane for a stable surface that ensures safe and secure stacking on barbells and power racks. A variety of diameter and weight options are available to meet the needs of all types of training programmes. The weight plates meet international standards for material composition, safety testing and load requirements.


strength training
Gym Rental Company offers a wide range of high quality dumbbells for individual and commercial use. Our dumbbells feature knurled handles to provide a secure, non-slip grip even when hands are sweaty. The open-ended contoured head design allows wrist flexibility during various dumbbell exercises.

The dumbbells are made of high-grade rubber or urethane that can withstand heavy gym use and drilled to ensure stable stacking. The handles and sleeves are coated to prevent rust and corrosion. A variety of finishes are available to match the aesthetics of any gym. The dumbbells are RoHS compliant and meet or exceed industry safety standards for commercial fitness equipment.


strength training
Gym Rental Company's Life Fitness benches are designed to accommodate a wide variety of strength training exercises. They feature durable steel construction with powder coated finish for corrosion resistance.

The padded tops are thick and comfortable for bench pressing exercises. The upholstery is tear resistant and antimicrobial to resist stains. The benches are height adjustable to suit different body types and training preferences. Safety catches and rack attachments are also provided based on the type of exercises the benches are designed for.

power racks

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Gym Rental Company offers a range of squat racks, power racks and cable stations from Life Fitness to accommodate different training needs. The racks feature sturdy 11 or 14 gauge steel construction that is designed to withstand years of heavy use. Horizontal and vertical supports provide stability during loud lifts. J-hooks, safeties and adjustable weight horns ensure security of barbells at different heights. Optional accessories like pull up bars, cable attachments and weight storage expand the functions of the racks. Precision welds and a durable powder coated finish provide corrosion resistance.

exercise mats

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Gym Rental Company's Life Fitness exercise mats are designed to provide a cushioned and stable surface for floor workouts and exercises. The mats feature a 3/4 inch thick foam padding that effectively cushions impact on joints. The tops of the mats are textured to reduce slippage during exercises and sweaty workouts.

The undersides have anti-skid surfaces and hollow channels to secure the mats in place. The mats are crafted from durable vinyl or closed cell foam to resist tears, moisture and stains. A range of sizes, thicknesses and color options are available.

Freeweight flooring solutions

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We have a host of flooring solutions to suit your facility. Reduce noise and floor damage by installing a high-quality flooring solution.

Bespoke facility branding

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We can help you create unique graphics and signage to really make your facility pop and create an inspirational environment for your members.

AV / Lighting and Access Control

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We can help you create better experiences through technology across your facility


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